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Benefits of a Professional Security Risk Assessment

There was a time when the need for security and protection services were typically associated with businesses that were considered “high risk”. 

It seemed like businesses that dealt with large sums of money (financial institutions) or attracted large amounts of people (sports stadiums) were the organizations that required specialized security services. 

Unfortunately, the rise in threats to property, assets and individuals across a broad spectrum of industries has changed this line of thinking. 

Now, office complexes, schools, 

Yet, even the security measures that most businesses currently have in place may not offer the best protection against a variety of threats and issues. 

However, there is a service that can help businesses correct these shortcomings and maximize the effectiveness of their security measures. 

Below, we’ll highlight some of the safety solutions offered by a professional security risk assessment. 

Identifies Vulnerabilities And Strengthens Security

One of the key benefits of a security assessment is that it uncovers areas of opportunity for criminals and intruders. 

While performing an internal assessment may identify obvious points of vulnerability such as unlocked doors, hiring a professional firm to evaluate a facility’s current security measures uncovers the less noticeable issues. 

Trained experts have the insight and knowledge to identify potential vulnerabilities and offer recommendations to strengthen physical security measures. 

After a thorough inspection of a facility, security professionals may recommend: 

  • Replacing glass doors with steel options to increase privacy, impede intruders and minimize risks and hazards associated with broken and shattered glass. 
  • Improving lighting in high-risk areas such as parking lots, garages and loading docks. 
  • Repositioning security cameras to improve the monitoring of high-traffic and secluded areas of the building, minimize external and internal threats and better assist law enforcement officials in the event of an issue or event. 

Additionally, many security assessment specialists can also use their expertise and insight to evaluate an organization’s cybersecurity systems. 

By exposing areas of opportunity for cybercriminals and offering an array of specific security measures to implement, assessment experts can help a business safeguard its confidential information from theft or fraud. 

Improves Processes, Procedures And Protocols 

Along with identifying vulnerabilities and strengthening physical and digital security, assessment experts also help organizations enhance their existing security policies and procedures to maximize their effectiveness and minimize risks from potential threats. 

Using their knowledge and experience, assessment specialists can help organizations create processes and procedures for monitoring visitors and limiting their access to the majority of the building. 

By collaborating with key members of organization, the security assessment team can create a procedure to:

  • Ensure that there is a physical or digital record of every visitor who enters the building. 
  • Issue credentials that identify the person as a visitor. 
  • Accompany the visitor to their specific destination and prevent their unauthorized access to other areas of the facility. 

In addition to these policies and procedures, security experts are also skilled at helping organizations develop and implement protocols when dealing with a variety of workplace emergencies. 

From developing evacuation plans for fires to creating protocols for safely sheltering in place during active shootings or other forms of workplace violence, assessment teams can help organizations and their staff formulate policies and procedures to minimize risk in the event of multiple security emergencies. 

Ensures Compliance with Rules And Regulations 

Seeking the advice and guidance of a team of professionals also helps organizations ensure that all of their security measures, policies and procedures comply with industry standards and all local and federal laws.

Although many facilities may believe that an internal policy or the addition of a new piece of security equipment is innocuous, that may not be the case. 

Some policies and procedures may violate specific regulations, rules or laws. And these violations could result in fines, lawsuits or even criminal liability.

Instead of implementing security measures or policies without precedent, it’s always best for businesses to consult with security assessment experts first. 

Schedule A Professional Security Risk Assessment 

By investing in a professional security risk assessment, an organization has the insight, tools and expert advice to develop and implement the specific safety solutions to improve their physical and cyber security, create the appropriate protocols and procedures, and remain compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. 

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