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Whether you need to be certified by the State of Pennsylvania for school safety/security or customized professional development related to safety, climate or de-escalation, Cardinal Point has compelling proficiency to assist organizations of all kinds. We design discussion-based exercises through full scale operational scenarios within your existing professional development time making training the least invasive as possible and customized for your environment.

School Safety Personnel

Pennsylvania requires that all school security personnel be certified in a state approved course. Cardinal Point is one of the first, premier providers of this training that is customized for Pennsylvania employees in virtual or in person learning environments.


Anti-bias education involves creating a community that supports all dimensions of human differences. It introduces a working concept of diversity into everyday life that addresses the impact of social stereotypes, bias, and discrimination in human development and interactions. In addition, it empowers people by giving them the tools to foster confident and knowledgeable self-identities, empathetic interactions, critical thinking skills, and activism.

This course is designed for personnel in a wide variety of professions and our expert instructors have decades of first-hand experience to build skills and proficiency surrounding bias in our world today.

Violent Extremism

Extremism across the world has become a growing cause of concern. While there is no one factor that defines the reasons behind the growth of extremism, there are multiple factors that tend to enhance its spread. Learn more about the courses we offer about the nature of domestic terror threats and violent extremist movements.

School Safety Practices

Comprehensive school safety embraces three strategies: physical safety, consistent climate, and engrained, positive culture. This approach is unique to Cardinal Point allowing us to establish a vision and process that demonstrates long term, strategic success.

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This section will provide you with information on all of our upcoming courses in the near future. Take a look at the options geared towards your convenience that will assist you in obtaining the professional development and certifications necessary. Contact us today for fully customized content and topics that can meet your organization’s needs.
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