Comprehensive safety experts focused on the integration of physical safety, climate, and culture, our expert team offers stand out consulting services.

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Long Term Sustainable Proficiency

For over 30 years the team at Cardinal Point Security Group has been dedicated to helping our clients build effective professional learning, prevention, preparedness, response and recovery programs. Our goal is to foster strategic resiliency through effective programming and professional growth.

Threat, Risk, Vulnerability Assessments

We have decades of experience working to prevent and mitigate negative events. Our comprehensive process identifies areas of strengths and organizational growth assisting you to build a positive, safe environment for those you serve.

Organizational Climate-Behavioral Health Assessments

Positive climate and culture have never been more important. Whether you want to retain employees, improve environmental culture, or identify your needs, our comprehensive process will meet your goals.

Culture & Climate

Looking to evaluate or improve your organizational climate? Sustained climate develops effective culture and Cardinal Point will lead you through this.

Cyber Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber safety and security is an evolving threat and prominent in our world today. Our cyber vulnerability assessment process is affordable, streamlined, and non-invasive. Whether it be a small school or large business, our program far exceeds others in the industry.


Training staff, awareness, mitigation, prevention, and actionable response to aggressive language, de-escalation. Employee retention is critical today. A positive culture within a safe environment helps to build a strong group of employees. From workplace violence intervention to customer based de-escalation, Cardinal Point is here to meet your needs.

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