Virtual SSP Training

Virtual Training

Continuity of Learning

Current restrictions on public classroom gatherings make it difficult for school employees to maintain the Act 67 School Security Personnel (SSP) curriculum. Cardinal Point Security Group is able to bridge this gap and provide continuity of learning with our Commonwealth of PA approved VIRTUAL TRAINING PROGRAM.

State Approved Curriculum per ACT 67

As you are aware, all school security personnel are required by the state to complete this training. SSP Learning is a vital component of emergency management and continuity of safety in our schools.

Cardinal Point Security Group has received permission from Pennsylvania to move our classroom training to an online platform during the current pandemic restrictions.

Learn From the Comfort of Home

We recognize that virtual learning differs from a traditional classroom situation. We aim to remove any stress or technological barriers for online learning through our instructor-led virtual classroom. The pacing and delivery of this curriculum will be precisely structured to accommodate a digital format. We promise you will get the benefit of continuing education, without the risks of being in a public setting.
What You Need

Technical Requirements

All participants who enroll in an SSP course will be required to have:

How it Works

How the Virtual Classroom Process Works

Our online SSP course will be taught synchronously using the Zoom Video Conferencing Platform.

Within 1 week prior to the start of the course you registered for, you’ll be provided with instructions on how to download the Zoom software application, and also how to test connectivity.

We want all students to be active participants in the learning process. Additional time will be built into the existing Cardinal Point School Security Personnel Basic Course so that everyone can be comfortable using the virtual format. Orientation time will be added to the first hour of the course to ensure that students can login and access without issue. (Similarly, time will be allocated to Module 100, Course Introduction and Overview, to introduce students to the various functions on the Zoom platform).

The Learning Platform

Cardinal Point selected Zoom as our platform, as it allows for students to learn through the presence of a live instructor. Course materials or manuals will be sent to each registrant prior to the week of their class, so that they can follow along during live instruction just as they would in a face-to-face classroom.

Additional Benefits of Zoom

Zoom’s exceptionally well-tested software platform makes them the leader in modern video communications. It is simple to use and offers instructors and students excellent control of the learning environment.

Why We Believe in Virtual Learning at Cardinal Point

The availability and access to this excellent technology is valuable, especially as we work through this current COVID-19 crisis.

While we understand there may be an initial period of time while students get comfortable with the virtual setting, our instructors are equipped to make this process straightforward and painless. Cardinal Point is confident that the 40-hour SSP curriculum can be learned via this environment. Students should not hesitate to “dive in” and complete their required training through our Virtual Learning platform.

We Are Here to Help

Should you have any questions about our Virtual Training classes, please call Saida Harpi (Training Coordinator) at 267.636.9125 or John Gooley (Director of School Security) at 267.473.5366.