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Why Does PA Require Certification for School Security Personnel?

In recent years, the rise in incidents involving active shooters and other forms of violence has  exposed the vulnerability of our schools.  

Based on these unfortunate trends, many school agencies recognized the value of employing school security personnel to protect students, teachers, staff and visitors.

Although school security is a growing industry that offers many job opportunities, states such as Pennsylvania require that all school security personnel successfully complete an approved certification course. 


In the following article, we’ll explain the reasons PA requires this certification and demonstrate how Cardinal Point Security Group’s school security training courses can help you or your team achieve certification for employment as a school police officer (SPO), school resource officer (SRO), and school security officer (SSO). 

Why Do I Need State-Approved Certification To A School Security Professional? 

School security personnel are tasked with protecting Pennsylvania’s greatest assets: its children. 

Being tasked with such a substantial responsibility requires the modern school security or resource officer to do more than occasionally patrol hallways or monitor CCTV during their shift. 

In addition to being highly skilled in providing protection for students and faculty, school security officers must also be proficient in:

  • Enforcing all state laws and school policies and safety procedures. 
  • Identifying potential risks and suspicious activities.
  • Taking corrective action to prevent potential risks and suspicious activities from becoming full-scale emergencies. 
  • Displaying good judgment in emergency situations. 
  • Effectively communicating and interacting with both adults and students ranging from preschool to college.  
  • Practicing patience with students and faculty.

To ensure that all security personnel possess these necessary skills, Pennsylvania law requires that all candidates enroll in a state-approved course to receive certification. 

With certification, candidates assure the hiring agency that they have successfully completed the required training and are knowledgeable with all current security and safety standards. 

Without certification, candidates are ineligible for consideration for any school security personnel position in Pennsylvania. 

The Benefits of Our School Safety Provider Certification Courses

If you’re interested in becoming a professional school safety provider but do not know how to begin the certification process, Cardinal Point Security Group can help. 

As a state-approved training provider, we offer individual and comprehensive courses that 

are customized to meet all Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency requirements for school security personnel. 

From basic overviews of school safety and security standards to in-depth training that covers various school safety practices, our courses are available in both in-person and online options to best suit your schedule. 

Additionally, as state laws evolve, so do our courses. 

Whenever amendments are made to the Pennsylvania School Code and school safety laws, our team of professional instructors evaluate and revise the course to reflect these changes. 

Consequently, you can feel more confident knowing that our courses offer the most accurate and timely information. 

For over 30 years, Cardinal Point Security Group has provided safety and security solutions across the local, state and nationwide levels. As an industry-leading, veteran-owned organization, we pride ourselves on providing an array of consulting and security services to private businesses, schools, houses of worship, and government agencies. 

Now, with the addition of our customized training programs, we can help you successfully achieve your required certification – and provide PA schools with qualified security professionals. 

If you’re interested in a career as a PA school security professional, explore our upcoming training courses on school security or contact CPH Security Group directly for more information about our training programs.