Protecting Public Events: Event Security Planning and Crowd Management

Security guard stationed in front of crowd, to protect a public event

After a period of inactivity due to the global pandemic, public events have become an even more fundamental part of our society. From music festivals to sporting events, public gatherings allow people to come together, celebrate and share experiences.  However, ensuring the safety and security of attendees is vital  to the success of any event.  […]

Campus Emergency Drills: Simulating Crisis Situations for Preparedness

Green and white campus security vehicle for colleges

There was a time when the only safety drill most schools conducted was an annual test of the building’s fire alarm. Yet, over the years, schools and other educational institutions have identified other emergency situations that they need to be better prepared for, including severe weather situations and active shooter scenarios.  As incidents of violent […]

Top Reasons To Invest In Protection Services For Your Organization

Two security guards analyzing plan for safety

As events in our society become more complex and unpredictable, prioritizing the safety and security of your organization is more important than ever.  Threats to school and workplace safety surround us every day. Sometimes they occur as theft and property damage. Other times, they manifest themselves as physical violence.  Due to these lingering concerns, it’s […]

What Are Your Responsibilities As A School Security Officer?

Back view of two students walking into school holding hands

As a school security officer, you’re entrusted with an extremely important responsibility: keeping school grounds safe for students, faculty, staff, parents, and approved visitors.  Yet, that primary responsibility is really composed of various duties that require you to maintain a high level of attention to detail, a great deal of empathy, the ability to handle […]

Does Your Staff Know How To Respond To Workplace Violence?

Employees creating an emergency response plan for workplace safety.

Workplace violence no longer affects high-risk industries like law enforcement or businesses that are often targets of robbery. Now it’s a growing concern for a variety of public and private settings, including corporate offices, schools, and hospitals.  Almost any business is at risk of violent events due to disgruntled ex-employees, angry customers, thieves, or active […]

Benefits of a Professional Security Risk Assessment

An individual assessing the amount of risk using charts and graphs on a computer and phone

There was a time when the need for security and protection services were typically associated with businesses that were considered “high risk”.  It seemed like businesses that dealt with large sums of money (financial institutions) or attracted large amounts of people (sports stadiums) were the organizations that required specialized security services.  Unfortunately, the rise in […]